Our culture is a self-centered and egocentric society.  The environment that surrounds us has secretly, but effectively, contaminated the minds of every person.  No one is exempt from the evil influence of what we call our culture.  From being forced to be politically correct in our speech to being tolerant and accepting in our understanding, we all are being driven along like cattle headed to the slaughter—having no inclination of the danger that lies ahead.  This continual, progressive, and evil influence has found its way into the gates of the Kingdom of God on earth—the Church.

We have been created with the innate desire to worship.  Every human prostrates him or herself before an altar.  No one is forced to bow down to any certain altar; everyone worships at the altar of their choice.  Without giving it any thought, most often we worship at the altar of Self, usually without even realizing it.  The result is that we all too often approach God and ask how we can assimilate Him into MY life story.  I look to His word to see what it has for me and how to better improve my life—making me a better father, a better mother, a better giver, or a better lover of people.  Likewise, sermons should be about life application and how God and His word applies to my life in this world.  The problem with this is that it is the almighty I that is at the center of our universe, while God becomes my life-coach.  I am the Sun while God is reduced to nothing more than an orbiting body.

However, when I approach God and His Son, Jesus Christ, and ask how my life fits into HIS story, it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.  God, then, in my life, is moved to His rightful position as Center of all things.  Our concern should never be our best life now, which incidentally is the title of a popular book and the theme of most preaching done today.  This is the desire of our selfish, sub-Christian society.

In the minds and hearts of those who love Him, the glorious Word of God should not be reduced to being merely a guide book for my life, as to what God can and will do for me in the now.  The Holy Word of God should be viewed as what God has already done for me, now and in eternity, along with all humanity.  In its beautiful pages are the details of how I, as His humble servant, can live to please Him and how I can allow Him to work in and through me!

Christianity, the Gospel, and the Word of God is not about the ME!  It is about the HIM, the Great and Mighty I Am, who died for me!  Christ is the Center of the Scriptures, the Main Character in God’s story!  The theme is redemption and I am the recipient!  It is time we realize where we belong and where God belongs and who the story is really all about!